Monday, 19 September 2016


I was made in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
I was carved and hollowed out of wood. My very first owner was a fisherman.
We have been on many trips together, but none as memorable as the last. It was stormy and rainy, before our trip I could hear my master being advised not to go out at this time, yet being the stubborn man he is, he left anyway.

It was rough from the start but many fish were caught. I gazed upon the biggest wave yet but at this point I knew we had made a terrible mistake. The wave was coming in quick and the stubborn fisherman panicked and just stood still in shock. It came in and smacked him off right my deck.
A horrible sight indeed.
After the storm cleared up, I was discovered by one of his mates and brought back to the docks. That was the tragic end to my first owner.

I was then sold to a sculptor, a young one with much ambition.
Trips were relaxing with this one; he took months making a small model of me. During the breaks we would just sail near the docks, following the coast. His miniature model was good but never as good as he wanted it and we both knew that.

I was still kept by the sculptor for his personal outings but the model was sold to the Pitt Rivers museum, where it was displayed for visitors of the museum to inspect it. We had an enjoyable time together for the rest of my time as a boat.

by Reuben Su

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